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  1. CONDUCT (Players, Coaches, Parents )

    In the Atom, Novice, Bantam and U21 Divisions- spectators are required to sit on the opposite side of the field from the player benches. Spectators shall not be sitting behind or near any goal area.

  2. A player will red carded for the use of vulgar language and/or unsportsman like conduct, for Atom, Novice, Bantam, and U21 Divisions.

  3. When the soccer game begins, we encourage players, coaches and parents to cheer but refrain from being critical. Please do not have a negative impact on players self-esteem. The games are first and foremost for the players to learn the game of soccer and to have fun.

  4. Sportsmanship is absolutely primary. Soccer is a contact sport but with strict rules. We ask coaches to keep their team tightly control.

  5. The Referees call is final. The Executive will not change a call made by the Official on the field during the course of a match or after the fact. The Executive will not tolerate abuse of referees by anyone.

  6. Please remember that we are all volunteers trying to give your kids something to look forward to over the summer.

  7. Chronic conduct problems will be dealt with by players, coaches or refs.. will be dealt with by The Rules and Refs. Discipline Committee.

    2) COMMUNICATION (with Executive)

    There are two ways to communicate with the Executive with any problems, concerns    or compliments:

                   1) Email:    --emails are checked regularly before, during and after the season

                   2) At the field: Members of the Executive Board generally try to visit each game field nightly.                             


    3) WEATHER CONDITIONS:            

               As a general rule soccer is played in all weather conditions. The Executive strives not to unnecessarily cancel any games. Players and Coaches should show up at the field regardless of the weather conditions, unless a cancellation has been posted online, an email or text message has been received of a cancellation. If a game is going to canceled because of weather, generally the call will be made by the Referee, or Executive Member just before game time.

                 Games are always canceled on the first sign of lightning and or during thunder storms; however please keep in mind that thunder storms can be very brief. Once a game is canceled (or called) it is not started or resumed, even if the weather clears up. If its thundering at 5pm it does not mean it will be thundering at 6pm.

                  Thunder storms can also be very localized; just because it’s thundering in the south end of the city it does not mean it is thundering in the north end of the city. If a game is canceld do to lightning all players and coaches must leave the field immediately.

                  In the event that a game is canceled or not started, it is not rescheduled, unless it is a Playoff Game.

                       Any cancelled game, will be determined to be complete if 75% of the allotted playing time has expired. Generally, one completed period past the half-way mark.

                  In the event of a prolonged period of inclement weather (ie. the 2000 soccer season) the Executive will make a determination as to the rescheduling of games. We will not, however, compensate financially for cancelled or missed games.


          Port Weller Soccer is only permitted by the city to play/practice on certain fields as assigned by The City of St. Catharines Parks and Rec Department.

          It is of the utmost importance that games and practices take place on those fields only and during the specified times.

          Port Weller Soccer carries Liability Insurance on all players and a claim could be denied should a player be injured on a field we do not have a Permit to play/practice on.

          If you wish to set up your practices at an alternate location other than the practice fields available The Executive must be informed and we must also have a copy of a Field Permit so that we can pass it along to our insurance company.     


          At the beginning of the season coaches will be given a ball bag, soccer balls, goalie shirt and practice pinnies, to use during the season. Each team shuold be perpered to provided a game ball.

                    This equipment must be returned on Banquet Day.

          You do not have to return your coaches shirt and players do not have to return their uniforms.

          NOTE: Due to last minute adjustments of team rosters at the beginning of the season you may end up with extra uniforms. If this happens you will be contacted as these uniforms are required to be turned in.

    ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR SHINPADS DURING GAMES AND PRACTICES and they must be covered by uniform issued socks.

    Players must remove all jewellery, piercings, hats or sunglasses and any other apparel which is deemed to present a safety issue

Goalies are required to wear an approved uniform jersey- covered by a different colour pinnie that distinguishes them from their team and the team they are opposing.

Goalies may also wear an approved goalie jersey that distinguishes them from their team and the team they are opposing.

Uniform jerseys turned backwards are not allowed

T-shirts, halter-tops and other such personal apparel is not an approved uniform.

Goalies will not be allowed onto the field of play, until the approved uniform is displayed.

All other players must wear the approved uniform jersey.