Updated Sunday March 13, 2016 by RJ.

The Discipline Committee will  conviened any time there has been a serious violation of the policies of Port Weller Soccer or chronic circumvention of the Laws of the Game, as laid out by FIFA.

        At any convening of the Discipline Committee the following Executive Members must be present.

                  1) The President of PWSL or designate     

                  2) The Administrator of PWSL or designate

                  3) The Rules and Referress Director or designate

                  4) Two other Executive Members

                  A total of five Executive Members

        The purpose of the Discipline Committee is to gather facts and other relevant information and determine a course of action up to and including expulsion from PWSL.

        The Discipline Committee may be conviend for any coach, player or referee.

        Any disciplinary action required will take a three tiered process, as follows:

        1) First Offence - A Verbal Warning from one of the Rules and Refs Committee

        members in person, email or by phone.

        2) Second Offence - A Written Warning from President of the League, via email or printed letter.

        3) Third Offence - Attendance at hearing of the Disciplinary Board.

        Depending on the severity of the offence the first two tiers may be by-passed.