Updated Sunday March 13, 2016 by RJ.

Conduct for Coaches:

        Coaches should conduct themselves in a respectful manner, mindfull that their players are young and impressionalble. Players may try to mimic the actions of their coaches, not knowing if these actions are right or wrong. A coaches actions may also be seen as representing the beliefs of the team sponsor; a group of people who are very important to the on going success of PWSL.

        Coaches also set an example for parents on appropriate behaviour. The Executive expects that the coaches will help to control the words and actions of themselves, players and parents.

        Coaches should also be respectful of the fact that the referees are not professionals and are human beings. They are young adults who will make mistakes. Coaches should remind their players and paents of the players of this. Refs should be shown respect for the way the call the game and are not to feel intimidated by coaches or parents. Coaches are asked to note any problems they encounter with the Referees and bring it ot the attention of the Executive.

Conduct for Referees:

          Referees are required to conduct themselves in a respectful manner and are required to be impartial. Referees are required to call the game fairly and accuratley, to the best of their abilities.

        Referees are expected to be knowledgeable of the Laws of the Game, as set out by FIFA. Referees are expected to follow the play on the field and be consistent in their calls.

        Referees are expected to make notes of any problems they encounter with coaches, players or parents and bring it to attention of the Executive.

        PWSL Executive members are on the field most nights and will make notes of any player, coach or referee conduct.

Actions Not Tolerated by Coaches, Referees and players:

  1. Improper utilization/implimentation of the Laws of the Game or PWSL Rules.
  2. Unsporstman like conduct- beratement of Referees, Players (even your own children), other coaches or parents by any party towards another party.
  3. Use of foul language
  4. Smoking or consumption of alcohol before, after or during a game or practice when players are present.
  5. Any acts of physical aggression (fighting) will be considered an automatic third offence, requiring an appearance before the Discipline Committee

Everyone involved with PWSL is reminded that this is a “house league” operation and thus there is not to be the same emphasis on winning that would be found in a competitive or travelling team organization.

We are here to promote sportsmanship, provide instruction and promote the enjoyment of the game of soccer, in a fun, positive enviroment that will see the memories of PWSL a pleasant, learning experience.