Updated Saturday February 9, 2019 by Port Weller Soccer League.

All registrations for the 2019 season are being done online at Players, coaches and officials.

Here are some detailed instructions for the on-line procedure - it looks intimidating but it's actually pretty easy. Just remember to keep clicking "continue registration" until you get back to your profile page.

  1. Go to

  2. Centre of the main page near the top - “REGISTER ONLINE” (red letters)

                      (click on) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE (blue letters)

  3. Log in with your email address and password. If you have used a the League ToolBox registration system before for Port Weller Soccer or any sports organization

  4. If you have not used League ToolBox before, you'll need to set up a “new account” Click on "Create a NEW account"

  5. If you are creating a NEW account - the next page is for your own PARENTAL INFORMATION - not your child's information yet. Be sure to fill in all required screens. Your own gender and date of birth are not required on the parental information screen

  6. Once you have created your account or have successfully logged into your previous account, you are ready to register your children

  7. The first box shows your information and will give you options to register as a player (not an option for most parents), register as a coach (we like this one), and register as an referee (this is okay too)

  8. If you are not able to help coach or officiate then it's time to get your children set up

  9. Below your information box there should appear the names of your children who have been previously registered in the League ToolBox system.

  10. Below each one of you children’s names will be the same options - either to register them as a PLAYER or a REFEREE

  11. Click the appropriate box for the child you would like to register. Be sure to follow the screens all the way through (If not adding any new children, you can skip to step #16)

  12. If your child’s name does not appear, then click on the black box that says "ADD YOUR CHILD"

  13. Enter the information for the child you would like to add

  14. Click on the green box that says "ADD THIS CHILD"

  15. You will now be back to the previous screen and your child’s name will be showing

  16. Select what registration you would like to complete for this child - Player or Referee

  17. Follow the screens all the way through. Complete the information or verify the information on each page and continue clicking the "Continue Registration" button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next step

  18. NOTE - To receive TEXT MESSAGES in the event of a cancelled game or practice due to field conditions or weather, the website will send out emails of the cancellation and TEXT messages to those that have chosen the option AND provided a cell phone number in the appropriate spot. This is probably a good idea for most people

  19. Required information must be completed before you proceed

  20. Select the appropriate Division for you child - NOTE that the SPECIAL NEEDS Division is for those with Special Needs. If your child is not Special Needs and this is the only option given, it may be because the other divisions are full. In that case, please contact by email to verify

  21. Please read the Player Liability Agreement and click to agree

  22. Please review the Fair Play Policy and click to agree (the Fair Play Policy is also available for viewing anytime off the main page of the website - no need to log in)

  23. Please review the Photo Release Waiver and click to agree

  24. Fill in you child’s uniform sizing requirements - NOTE that uniforms are not custom ordered in most cases, but this helps to give us a general guideline of the size requirements for each team. For each team there will be a range of uniform sizes available depending on the needs of the entire Division.

  25. Fill in your child's school name and medical concerns (if any) and review the Special Player Request form. This is where you can request that your child play on the same team as another child. If applicable, enter the name of that child in the space provided. Click that you have read and understand the Special Request rules.

  26. Fill in any additional information

  27. You will now see a summary of the registration fees for now owing and some general information on our refund policy

  28. Click "Continue Registration"

  29. Add any additional comments and click to "Continue Registration"


  31. Click OK once you have read it

  32. You should now be back to where you started at step #10. If you wish to register another child, just click on that child’s “register as a player” box and continue the registration process for that child until you get back to this page

  33. If you need to add another child, do so using the Black Box again - then follow the process until you get back to this page

  34. When you have completed the registrations for all of your children, click on the “CHECKOUT/COMPLETE” button at the right of the screen

  35. Select how you would like to pay - choices are either by "Credit Card" or you can select the "Pay Offline/Later by Cash or Check" option

  36. Once you have selected your payment option, click "Pay Now" and follow the screens through the payment process

  37. THANK YOU screen - You made it and your registrations are completed. An invoice/receipt will be sent to you by email

  38. You can now go to your profile page or log out and go onto other things


    If you encounter any problems at all, please let us know at